Discover Eurotechni Company

Eurotechni, from 1962 to today…

Eurotechni has one strength: experience.
Acquired over its many years of existence, but also thanks to the combined skills of its teams, customers and partners.

Eurotechni site, Thiers branch (Puy-de-Dôme, France)

With its two branches, one located just outside the town of Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme), and the second in Nogent (Haute-Marne), towns famous for their cutlery, Eurotechni has chosen strategic locations consistent with its different business sectors.
Drawing on its own experience and that of its customers, thanks to its geographical proximity to the cutlery industry and craftsmen, Eurotechni can now offer its services to major industries, as well as to craftsmen and novice cutlers.
As Eurotechni continues to develop and open up to other sectors, it has always kept the cutlery trade at the heart of its activity, as you will discover over the pages of this Eurotechni company presentation site.

Eurotechni’s various services:

  • Cutlery steels.
  • Cutlery supplies and accessories.
  • Tool steels.
  • BERGER grinding and polishing machines.
  • Laser marking and stencils on request.
  • Industrial lubricants.
  • Pneumatic automation solutions.
  • Cooling units.
  • KAESER compressor sales and maintenance.
  • Gas nitriding (NOGENT).

Eurotechni is made up of different departments, so that each one retains control of its own speciality.
What’s more, it has surrounded itself with suppliers and partners who share its values and offer products and services of excellence with a single goal in mind: the best possible customer experience and satisfaction.
Eurotechni doesn’t just sell goods, it also offers a whole range of quality services, thanks to its competent and rigorous teams, suppliers and partners.

Eurotechni’s teams are here to help you with your projects, whatever their scope, from opening a factory to optimizing your manufacturing processes, or creating your first handmade knife.

For several years now, Eurotechni has had an online store offering metal formats, accessories and cutlery supplies accessible to all.
Eurotechni’s teams are also on hand to provide information and advice by telephone, e-mail and via our blog.

The beginning…
With a view to growth and development, Eurotechni now includes other companies in complementary business sectors.
The aim? More knowledge, more expertise and an ever-expanding range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers in France and throughout Europe.

Eurotechni team – Thiers branch