Eurotechni offers a wide range of components for industrial automation solutions, including islands, distributors, air treatment, grippers, empties, pneumatic cylinders and electric axes, as well as all the industrial supplies you need. Our advisers are there to guide you in your choices. What’s more, for optimum results, they will support you and provide technical follow-up for your industrial process improvement projects.

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Actuators – pneumatic cylinders

  • Pneumatic actuators: cylinders powered by compressed air. There’s a wide choice to suit your needs: standardised double-acting cylinders, compact cylinders, cylindrical cylinders, oscillating cylinders, etc. What’s more, they have the added advantage of PPS self-adjusting pneumatic damping, which reduces adjustment time.

Actuators – electric cylinders :

  • Eurotechni can support you in your choice of electrical automation solutions, thanks to Festo products. In fact, the brand’s range of electric cylinders and electromechanical components can meet your requirements. Its motors and controllers are perfectly adapted to Festo components and electric cylinders, and their application is optimised with the design software. Eurotechni’s team of technicians will be able to advise you on an efficient electric drive solution.

Renowned manufacturers:

  • FESTO (official partner) is one of the largest international suppliers of automation solutions. It offers more than 2,200 components (pneumatic cylinders, electric cylinders, etc.) to create a complete control chain. Festo offers training courses so that Eurotechni technicians can master their equipment and provide you with effective advice.
  • Prévost.
  • Sectoriel.

A wide range of industrial supplies:

  • Wheels and castors, small and heavy loads (polyurethane, polyamide, polypropylene, stainless steel, cast iron, rubber, wheels for pallet trucks, stackers and other handling equipment).
  • Diamond wheel (CBN wheel with retinoid bond, metallic, vitrified, electrolytic).
  • Diamond straightening tools, diamond cutting wheel.


Eurotechni is a Festo France dealer, so we can offer you all the products available in the Festo catalogue.

We offer a range of services:

  • Design and installation of your compressed air network.
  • The creation of a pneumatic cabinet.
  • Diagnosis of leaks in your pneumatic network.