Eurotechni has been carrying out laser engraving on all types of products for over twenty years. From one-off pieces to large-scale production runs, we adapt to meet your needs. Using your logos and/or texts, there are no limits to the personalization of your parts.

Would you prefer to personalize your parts yourself? We can create custom stencils for electrochemical marking of your parts.

For more information, please contact us.


Laser engraving: 

  • Use your own logo
  • Personalization and serial numbers possible
  • Wide choice of fonts
  • Datamatrix creation

Stencils :

  • Possibility of creating dies and stencils
    Sheet of 2 or 6 marks
  • Logo creation from your files
  • Sale of miniprint sets with additional stencils for collections of male and female first names, Zodiac, numbers, initials, etc.
Prices depend on the number of items to be engraved, the quality of the documents and files supplied, and the packaging of your products.Please contact us for a personalized quote.