For over 50 years, Eurotechni has been a supplier of cutlery steels and metallurgical products, offering a wide range of grades and formats. Specializing in raw materials for the manufacture of knife blades, surgical instruments and hand tools (knives, industrial blades, spatulas, pliers, etc.), we can offer you the right product for your application.

Supplier of cutlery steels, surgical steels and steels for industrial blades.

Our experience and our many partnerships with the world’s leading steelmakers enable us to meet the requirements of our customers in a wide variety of sectors, thanks to a broad range of cutlery steels and steels for all other types of use, as well as an ever-expanding range of services.

Numerous grades available…

  • Hardened carbon steel.
  • Martensitic stainless steel.
  • Austenitic or ferritic stainless steels.
  • Art metals (Damascus carbon steel, Damascus stainless steel, nickel silver…

…in various shapes, sizes and hardnessesuances :

Stocked in sheets, flats, rounds, coils, bevels or other special profiles to drawings, our products meet the different applications you may encounter.

From precision strip for making razor blades to 10mm (0,39″) hot-rolled sheet for cutting surgical instruments, our variety of formats and thicknesses is designed to adapt to the variety of our customers’ applications. These products can also be delivered in a variety of conditions: annealed, tempered or work-hardened.

Whether you’re an industrialist or a craftsman, we can adapt to the size of your project and supply you with the products you need.

Eurotechni is a supplier of cutlery steels for private and professional customers.

Our services

We provide custom shearing and cutting services for sheet metal, rounds and blocks to very tight deadlines.

Equipment :

  • PROMECAM shear: 2500 mm (98,4252″) max. – Thickness: 5 mm (0,19685″) max.
  • KASTO saw: Capacity: 600 mm (23,622″) / Cutting to order in a short space of time